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UN Publicans Working Overtime, Global Tax Schemes Gaining Support

When I first moved to Virginia in the 1990s, United Nations taxes were things mainly of conspiracy lore. And, to a great extent, it still is since as a matter of law the U.N. has no authority to do a thing within the U.S. unless our political leaders grant the organization permission, including taxing American citizens.  It does not mean the U.N. bureaucrats and their supporters are not going to try.

The U.N. bureaucrats have been trying for years to find ways to generate revenue to become independent of the donor nation system. You see today the U.N. depends on contributions from countries to pay for its bills. The U.S. taxpayer is, by far, the largest contributor to the United Nations system. You do not see it because no one is really calling any attention to it because we have more important things to do such as working, caring for our families, and going about our daily lives. The U.N. and its supporters like it that way.

Last week the U.N. published its annual global development report, World Economic and Social Survey 2012. In a press release, U.N. officials said that “international taxes and other innovative financing mechanisms to raise more than $400 billion annually to meet global priorities” are needed to focus on things such as fighting climate change and poverty. What are they are targeting? Consider some of these proposals:

  1. Currency Transaction Tax
  2. Carbon tax
  3. Billionaire Tax
  4. Other schemes targeting revenue generated by international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund

The take away from this post for voters is that the U.N. does not need to really approve anything. You need to keep an eye on Washington, DC, not Turtle Bay. There are folks in Congress and within the Obama Administration that support these global schemes. If unchecked by voters, Members of Congress from both political parties, and patriotic career civil servants, so-called global taxes will find their way into our legal and regulatory system. And, as I have said many times on this blog, it is not just liberal Democrats. Our political party has folks that support a globalist-focused foreign policy.

The Europeans are the leading proponents of global taxation. Why? They are bankrupt. We helped them win World War II and, ever since, they’ve become co-dependent on U.S. taxpayer largesse. In other words, they have become a lazy people.  I have traveled to Europe many times the past few years. The people are frustrated with their political leaders. As is the case in the U.S., if you get away from the major urban areas such as Madrid, Paris, and London, people are conservative (even if they do not identify with a political party). They are tired of being, literally, taxed to death. Their leaders keep looking for handouts rather than taking tough steps to cut socialist programs and financing schemes that do not work.

As I said earlier in this post, global taxes used to be a subject for conspiracy theorists. That has been changing for some time. It has been going mainstream. Just last week a leading American politician said it was time for a “global minimum tax.” Wonder who said it? Our Vice President.  As with any political battle, it is a war of attrition. It will be won over the long-term with many small victories. We need folks in Congress, as well as in the Executive branch, that put U.S. interests and fiscal restraint above all else.

Elections matter. Vote this November.

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