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Thaddeus, Not the Disciple, Should be in The Public Arena Again

Every now and then someone comes along on the political scene that you wish would stick around a little longer. Most Americans have no idea who Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) is, but, they should have had the chance to learn more about him.

McCotter announced last week that he was retiring from Congress. You can read more about it here and here. Without having any inside knowledge whatsoever about the events that led to his stepping down, from what I’ve read, and seen through the years up there, I suspect that poor staffing was a major part of the problem.

At times, he seemed as someone from another century. That he was named Thaddeus added to that; however, we was well-grounded in the challenges America has to confront in the 21st century. And he had policy ideas to deal with it. Had he been able to stick around, I think he could have evolved and become one of those Congressional giants that we name office buildings after once they pass on.

Let’s hope he decides to jump back in the arena some day. He is the type of conservative the mainstream media does not want you to see: smart, hip (albeit a little quirky), and well-grounded. I did not agree with all of his political stances, but we need more Thaddeus-like folks in public life.

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