The Day After

In case you missed it yesterday evening, attached is a short video clip of part of the fireworks show on the National Mall. It is the greatest fireworks display, for the greatest country ever. May it always be that way.

A well-commemorated Independence Day holiday should be a requirement for every American.  Some people prefer to celebrate without the bunting, the flags, or fireworks. Others think the holiday is tacky, outdated. I say, the cheesier the better!

There can never be enough Old Glorys flying in our neighborhood. A real sparkler for every child. The type you light with a match. Of course, real fireworks that require sparks and leave a smelly cloud of sulfuric smoke in their wake, not politically correct or environmentally-sound laser shows.

The day after a well celebrated Fourth of July reminds you to be grateful you live here, that freedom matters. That you can go about and do whatever it is that you do, and no one or no government will tell you to do otherwise.

How did you celebrate?

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