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GOP Can Learn a Thing or Two from Justice Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas is doing something Republicans need to do to win in November, get out there and just be. While most of his colleagues are headed to Europe, Thomas will travel somewhere in America with his RV. If they seriously want to win in November, this is where we will do it.

I know many people who refuse to do it. Stay at a roadside hotel? Cracker Barrel or In-N-Out for meals? Walmart pitstops? Banish the thought. The thing is if you’ve never been on a road-trip, you have no idea what your missing and you do not know what your country is all about.

Talking and interacting with people, calmly, is a good thing. If we want to win in November we’ll need to do a lot more of it. There is a lot to talk about. Most people outside of this political business have either tuned it out or have no idea what is at stake because of information overload and spin.

I admit, even I have tuned it out. I can just about predict what each side will say, how they will say it, and what they will do to make it so. Drones. Not in all cases, but through the years there are more of them, politicians that just go through the motions, give a good speech, but there is not heart or original thinking.

Shut up for once and listen. Clarence Thomas seems to be a good listener, most politicians cannot wait to interrupt you. Most elected folks I deal with, make you feel as if your center of the world for thirty seconds, then move on to the next one. If they were saying things that made sense, no problem. But it lately is defensive politics. Teams never win playing politics this way. When elected officials disconnect this way bad things happen. Think, ObamaCare and much worse to come (Hint: ObamaCare is a gateway issue for the Left).

Get out of dodge folks – mentally and physically. Talk to people who you ordinarily would not talk to, not because your politicians, rather because voters have a lot to say.  You have a lot to learn about what this country needs. A majority of America does not care for leftist thinking or mushy moderates. Do more listening than talking. You’ll see.

Happy Birthday to the greatest country and people in the universe! Now go read your Declaration of Independence. And for those of you who have never done, take a road trip!

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