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Justice Roberts, “O Captain! My Captain!”

Different Strokes and Gary Coleman. For some odd reason, that 1980s television show was my first thought as soon as I heard on television that the Supreme Court had upheld the individual mandate included in the ObamaCare law.

If your a freedom-loving American, there is a great deal in this opinion to be upset about; however, folks like me do not look to the Supreme Court to rewrite laws or try to settle policy questions. And that is what the Bush-appointed Chief Justice did yesterday. The real problem for the country is not the court, but the abject failure of political leaders on both sides of the political spectrum that allowed these issues to reach this political break point.

Maybe its because my family fled communism that this form of government overreach is so upsetting. But even if you’ve lived here for generations, the events of the past few weeks should make you angry. The Left has been at this since the end of World War II (so some of us have been scratching our heads for time). These progressives scored a major win for their cause yesterday, albeit, I hope, temporary.

If your not involved in politics, you should be. Do not look to any court to solve your political problems. That is the realm of the politicians. Read. Talk. Vote. As far as healthcare, this can become, regrettably, the closest thing to a Constitutional crisis some of us will ever see. It needs to be repealed and not replaced. At least not yet.

Let’s make sure it does not come to that. Let’s send these people packing in November by electing Republicans, Democrats, and Independents that take our county and Constitution seriously.

As far as the Supreme Court, with this Roberts approach to conservative jurisprudence, one wonders if this is the death knell of a conservative Supreme Court?

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