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Unconstitutional, Needs a Full Repeal

Americans want to be left alone, free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. The only decision they want to hear today from the Supreme Court: the federal government overstepped with the healthcare. The entire law, overruled. Anything less, will lead to a longer and politically hotter summer.

If we wanted a federal government, indeed any government, telling us what to do we know where to go: Cuba, China, and the European Union, for starters. Dramatic? Not really. The whole matter is quite serious and, frankly, beyond the beltway bandits, there are not a lot folks really focusing on this debate.

Governments must never be allowed to mandate what a person should or should not with regards to healthcare. It is a tyrannical act. The Cuban Revolution may have come to fruition in 1959, but the seeds were put in place, in the legal system, may years before.

Two years ago, an up and coming Representative from California, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) had the courage to stand up in the House of Representatives and say that the healthcare bill is the  “cornerstone of their Socialist utopia [being constructed] on the backs of the American people.”  Indeed.

No matter how this Court decides ObamaCare, many a political and constitutional challenges lay ahead. A great deal of damage has been done to our health care system already, as well as the country. Socialized medicine has been spreading in America for some time; at least since the end of World War II. It needs to be undone.



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