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Crisis? What Crisis? It’s So Bloody Hot

As far as politics go, yesterday was a big day in Washington, DC. I happened to have been in the Rayburn House Office Building late yesterday, long after the Government Reform and Oversight Committee held the Attorney General in contempt of Congress. The media was gone. Staffers were roaming up cleaning up. You can tell it had been a good day of Congressional oversight, high stakes DC political drama. If you rely on the every day more irrelevant broadcast news however, you would have no idea that there is a mini-Constitutional crisis afoot.

The Obama Administration lost control of the Fast and Furious investigation long ago. They know it. Congressional Democrats do a well. It is not what the ATF did that is necessarily a problem. Allowing guns to “walk” to catch really bad criminals and, in this case, possible narco-terrroists in Mexico, is a legitimate law enforcement tool. The larger issue how the Obama political appointees have managed the program. They created this Constitutional mess because, as is usual with these folks, they work around the Congress as much as they can. Mexican leaders, by the way, are still in denial. They blame U.S. guns, among other things.

At a certain level, I do not want to know too many details about how the”gun walking” program was carried out. Why teach the thugs our methods any more than we already do? But the Obama Administration needs to be held to account for lapses and, on this count, it has failed miserably. They are lucky the GOP leadership and Conference does not have political spine to take this all the way. A contempt charge is a slap on the wrist.

The anti-gun lobby that has strong support in the Obama Administration, has used Fast and Furious in its low-grade but persistent gun control policy battle. It will continue to do so. In reality, Mexico’s problems have nothing at all to do with guns. It is decades of political corruption and lawlessness that have allowed the narco-terrorists to wage war on the Mexican state. This is why border security is at risk. This is why Mexican nationals flock to our country, because they are tired of the Mexican political chicanery.

As you can see, there is plenty happening in DC but, judging from the news, only the scorching heat seemed to rank as newsworthy. I guess they are setting the stage for a global warming story.

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