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Cuban-Americans, The Ethnic Group the Left Loves to Hate

The following few lines were posted in Facebook in response to comments from a colleague on the Obama Administration’s recent immigration policy announcement:

Cuban-Americans are not a preferred group of folks, that is something radical so-called “Latino” and “Hispanic” groups as well as the Left like to say about us.

Like most of my generation who have been blessed to have been born in this country, we do not even associate with Cuba except for family and, for those of us that have been involved in the political system, to pay back a debt of gratitude to this, our country, for taking in our parents, grandparents, cousins, etc., when Communism began its prowl in Cuba. If we are going to fight for freedom in far away places, then why not just 90 miles from or shores?

Why is it that Cubans seem to have a preferred status over Mexicans or Nicaraguans? Just look 90 miles south of Florida and you’ll figure it out — the Cubans are not free, everyone else technically is. While I support targeted activities in Cuba, I also think the most harmful aspect of our approach has been allowing travel and remittances. There should none of either. But let’s leave that discussion for another day.

Our immigration legal system, like all regulatory schemes, is never going to be pretty. It can never be, we are dealing with the lives of people and families. There is no one size approach to each country or region. Herein is my biggest issue with the political parties and how they tackle immigration, they fail to see the forest from the trees. The balkanization of American politics is real and the Left uses not just immigration to divide and farm for votes, they use welfare, food, and other social programs to create a permanent dependent class of people. They want citizen serfs because that is central to the political survival of the current Democrat Party leadership (not all Democrats are that way, not by a long shot).

The immigration system is not “broken” — our leaders have been. Republicans were asleep for a long time and allowed it happen (the political mess we are in today), and in some cases facilitated the political process that has allowed the immigration system to be used in this way. They are waking up, albeit slowly.

If you read this far, congratulations. Some of us our tired of talking about this issue. As for Americans of Cuban ancestry, if your involved in the political business you quickly learn that folks in this business do not know how to explain us. The Left, well, they just despise us as they do any ethnic conservative.

And even among some non-Cuban Hispanic groups, they barely tolerate us. This is especially true of the New York Times. One reason is that Cuban-Americans do not think like minorities. They never have. Not even in pre-Castro Cuba. You are proud of your background, but your focus is on tomorrow. I think more American need to do that, for the good of the country.

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