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Republican and Green CEO on an Obama Political Hit List

Republican donor and pro-conservation? Be careful, you may end up on a political hit list. Just ask the CEO of Melaleuca, Frank VanderSloot.  No sooner had he made a donation to a GOP PAC, he ends of on a political hit list sent out by the Obama re-election campaign.

I think what really irks the Left about people such as Mr. VanderSloot is that he has created a very profitable business based largely on green products. VanderSloot’s Malaleuca business, has been at it since the 1980s, way before Al Gore “invented” the Internet or produced propaganda films on global warner.

His personal story also irritates the Left, its rags-t0-riches adventure. You see, the Left thinks it has a monopoly on all things green. Newsflash: the GOP and conservatives have led on this issue since, well, Teddy Roosevelt, for starters.

From what I can tell VanderSloot has shunned media attention through the years, at least up until now. Let the Left pile on, it may just lead to a lot more customers for this interesting Idaho company. The folks over at the Daily Caller interviewed him about the matter and it is worth a look.



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