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They Can Do Better By Just Keeping Their Mouths Shut

Miami Florida’s “Statue of Liberty,” the Miami Freedom Tower, welcomed thousands of Cubans fleeing Communism

I’ve seen a lot of national politicians from both political parties take a great deal of liberty with the regulatory state; however, President Obama’s immigration policy announcement yesterday takes it regulatory largesse to a whole new level. Charles Krauthanner is correct, the action is a good example of lawlessness. It will be challenged in the not too distant future, likely in the courts, and most assuredly in the Congress.

Leaving one’s country must be hard enough, just ask folks in our family who fled communist oppression in Cuba. Playing politics with it is, well, not a good idea. It is one reason Americans of Cuban ancestry — we are a fiercely conservative and majority Republican lot — tend not to like to talk about this issue in public discourse. But one thing is certain, bending existing laws or, as in the case of this recent announcement, breaking them, is not a solution.

In the case of Cubans, it is somewhat a bittersweet process — you arrive in freedom but you leave many behind that you cannot easily visit because of political reasons. Communism is a pernicious and evil doctrine. It is still there in Cuba whether folks here want to admit it or not. The first victim of communism is the family, followed by the rest of society, then the nation. Just look at Cuba today. A complete disaster.

Whether you come here for political or economic reasons, picking up your family and calling it a day in your ancestral homeland is not easy or pleasant. Unless you’re a first generation American or immigrant yourself, it is difficult to understand what that process can do to a family. But that is part of becoming American and folks have died trying to reach our shores for the opportunity to experience life in this great country.

When they first took office, the Obama Administration had a Democratic-controlled Congress for two years. Had they wanted to do something in the immigration reform arena they could have done so. Rather, they ignored it because they knew it would be a good political wedge down the road. They are not the first and will not be the last Administration to do so. Playing politics with the emotions of recent arrivals is not a good idea, it continues to politically balkanize the country.

So long as lawlessness, corruption, violence, lack of freedom, and other social ills exist in other countries, the U.S. will have an immigration “problems”. There is no magic policy bullet. There cannot be one reform bill. It needs to be managed for some time to come. So the political leaders of both political parties should quite pandering on this issue because, believe it or not, a majority of folks in this country — including people from Spanish-speaking family backgrounds — would rather the politicos focus on other things.


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