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Cuba’s Communist Party is Tapped Out

Now that their quixotic oil quest has come to an end, at least for now, Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC) is busy looking for money. Any money.

So what do irrational governments desperate to cling to power do during tough times? Raise taxes and fees. If your planning to travel to Cuba to visit family, be prepared to pay a lot more.  To friends, colleagues, and distractors who think we should engage the regime rather than isolate them, I ask, why?

What does today’s Cuba have to offer the United States but problems? Has Cuba offered to settle the billions of dollars worth of claims U.S. and others hold? Has the Communist Party stopped its aggressive espionage program against U.S. security and commercial concerns? Cooperating with Iran and other terrorist regimes? Nyet. Nyet. And a lot more Nyet than that to go around.

The PCC wants to make it harder for Americans to visit the island? We should respond in kind, for starters…

What is even more perplexing that legal family travel (if it is not extreme humanitarian need, then there is really no need to be there) or people-to-people travel (there is nothing to see in Cuba), are companies and folks who visit Cuba for borderline illegal or plainly illegal purposes.

Cuba is a failed state. Foreign investors will continue to face a parade of horribles and broken promises. They should get out while they can or plan on even tougher times when there is a free economy in Cuba. Transitional justice promises to be a rocky road in Cuba’s future. Foreign companies will not be exempt from any of it.

The PCC is tapped out politically and economically. Try not to make it easier for it to cling to life support.

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