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Liberian Dictator’s Crimes Against Humanity

News reports are starting to come in that former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor will likely receive what amounts to a life sentence for crimes against humanity. Taylor is the first head of state since the post-World War II Nuremberg trials to be convicted by an international court.

While I am no fan of these modern-day international courts processes — these people should be tried by national legal bodies whenever possible, its politically cathartic for the country to do so — let’s hope this new found enthusiasm to go after war criminals and human rights abusers continues.

We have two fellows, and a choice few others, right here in the Western Hemisphere starting with Fidel Castro and Raul Castro. Doubtful. The international intelligentsia and Left is fascinated by the Cuban regime. It protects them all the times and turn a blind eye to the regime atrocities; but, pressure should remain on them no less. Cubans will see to it, if the brothers survive the transition, that transitional justice is handed out through the Cuban legal system in Havana. The accounting has been underway for decades — and there is much more to do.

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