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GOP Needs A New Mr. No, We Act And Sound Like Liberals Sometimes

According to The Hill newspaper “House lawmakers will consider an international proposal next week to give the United Nations more control over the Internet.” Study? How about, dead on arrival. We’re not interested. This is example of a mindset that needs to change on Capitol Hill and why certain GOP voters have grown increasingly impatient with its elected at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

Jesse Helms photo by Mike Benson (located on Google search engine)

The UN is a bastion of waste, fraud, and abuse. It has no business regulating the web or recommending other schemes such as a World Tax. It cannot even re

gulate itself. With regards to the UN regulation of the Internet, there is nothing to study. It should be a non-starter and taxpayer monies should be put to better use than a Congressional hearing. You can do a lot of oversight without hearings and, to boot, not give a platform to the other side to say how great it would be to have the likes of Communist China, Russia, and other leaders of Internet censorship meddling where it does not belong.

Rather than hold hearings, work b

ehind the scenes to block efforts by State Department diplomats to support such a move as well as extensively document opposition to this with letters to the Obama Administration and the UN. Issue press releases, publish op-eds. Inserting legislative language (and make certain it becomes law) in the mini-foreign assistance authorization or appropriations bills that cuts funding to whatever UN entity is doing this lunacy.  If the State Department is assisting, zero out funding to that bureau or office until it changes its tune.

If  like former Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) were still around, the headline to the this story would have likely read something like this: “GOP Moves to Block UN Efforts to Regulate the Internet”.  Rather we continue to receive headlines that make us sound like a bunch of pro-UN liberals that want to reform the system rather than shrink it.

Saying the word “no” has become viewed as socially and politically impolite. That needs to change. Sen. Helms was known as Senator No because, in part, he would stop all kinds of silly programs, such as this proposed UN move, by simply opposing them right from the start before proponents had time to organize and move the process forward. He had an intellectual conservative core backed by action.

There was no need to study, ponder, or contemplate. You just did. It is one of the many traits that made him a very successful, truly conservative leader. Political ambivalence and political correctness have numbed that part of our GOP DNA code. It needs to be reactivated.


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