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Spain’s Conservative Government Gets Jello Knees

Spain’s conservative government has called for an end to U.S. sanctions on Cuba. They’re wrong, however, with high unemployment and several Latin American leftist regimes expropriating Spanish companies, the announcement is not a surprise.

As a regional Western Hemisphere power, try as it may, Spain has been a nation in decline for decades.  The pillaging of the Spanish economy by socialist governments and weak leadership from marginal conservative governments have resulted in staggering debt, brain drain, and loss of national pride. Spain’s Cuba policy has for some time been stuck in the Cold War (others say the mid-17th century during the reign of Phillip II). We’ll leave that discussion for another day.

In Cuba, Spain has opted for kowtowing to the regime rather than work to become effective change agents. The future free Cuba will remember that and will hold the Spanish companies to account for facilitating the regime’s hold on power for more than half a century. For now Spain is scrambling to salvage a hemorrhaging economy. I doubt this Cuba announcement will make any difference. If the Castro regime wants to expropriate Spanish companies, it will.

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