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The Purging of the GOP Professional Political Class

Over on my Facebook page, a series of posts on a recent political issue prompted a discussion on the state of GOP. Some of my thoughts on that exchange follows here:

The Party is indeed in need of repair. Even if Romney were to pull off some political miracle and win in November, there is a lot to be done to get the GOP back to its moorings of getting government at all levels off the backs of the American people and businesses.

 I’ve only been in this area [D.C.] since the early 1990s. Every five years or so, however, I’ve seen a new crop of elected officials come to town from our party. With the exception of the last election, most of this folks come here with the defend and improve Washington mindset.

 Even some of our potential VP candidates are the same way – they are anything but conservatives. No sooner do these people come to town that they start writing books about how great they are and how Washington needs fixin’ not changing. If our Founders were still around, they’d croak. Those men were busy looking for things to do, the monuments, if any, came later.

We need to temper our insatiable appetite for sensationalist news and public affairs programming. Folks, news flash, it is not real and it is very far detached from how our laws are made. The newly elected should learn to resist that poison because, in the end, it has destroyed many a promising political career.

These days our modern day political leaders master the business of politics, not the art of governing as conservatives. You can do both. It takes a great deal of testicular (or other) fortitude to do the right thing, make tough calls, and say things at times that may be perceived as politically incorrect. In time, with pressure from the base and elsewhere, we’ll get folks that have earned their – not bought – their way to power. 

It’s time we started leading like the party of Lincoln and Reagan. The last few years, we’ve been pretending. 

For these, and many other reasons, a brokered convention can be a cathartic process for the GOP. This has absolutely nothing to do with ideological purity, but a cleansing of the ranks of the political elites – and both political parties have this problem – so that true change agents get a chance to lead.  Such a process in the GOP is long overdue.

If it means losing the White House this go around, so be it. The Republic will survive. A Republican Congress and the Supreme Court will keep the Left’s demons in check.

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