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Cuban Spy Granted Visitation Rights, in Cuba

This cannot be right, at least not in my reality of how a civilized world should be.

According to the Miami Herald, a judge has granted a Cuban spy visitation rights to travel to Cuba to spend time with his ailing brother. What the Herald story does not say is that this humanitarian gesture, has been a strategy of the regime for years. They have wanted to secure these trips for several of the “Cuban Five” who are serving sentences in  U.S. federal prison. Why? Propaganda effect. This will not be a low-key event in Havana.

As cold as this will sound, this entire lot should not be granted any such visits, especially not to Cuba. I would rather have U.S. taxpayers pay for this spy’s ailing brother to be flown to the United States for proper medical care. He is likely ailing because of the regime’s failed healthcare state.  During his stay at a state-of-the-art medical facility near the U.S. federal prison where his sibling is held, arrange for a visit.

It is going to cost U.S. taxpayers money to send this spy to Cuba. Let’s show some humanity, save money, and protect national security by keeping this spy where he belongs, in jail.


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