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While Cuban dissidents and opposition leaders occupy Cuban churches in Havana, Cuban Cardinal Ortega continues to kowtow to the Cuban regime. If Ortega had stood firm to the regime the past few years, none of this would be necessary. But that was not to be.

Fortunately for the opposition movement, there are high-ranking Cuban Catholic Bishops and other priests that are supporting freedom. The dissidents and opposition leaders that are occupying Cuban Churches will face certain repercussions from the regime. Do not expect Cardinal Ortega to intervene – he has allowed police to enter a Church and arrest these folks. Has he ever heard of the term, sanctuary?

For colleagues and friends considering a trip to Cuba for the Pope’s March 28 visit, consider the following letter from a St. Thomas University Alum. It appears that a Catholic Miami university is hosting “people to people” trips to Cuba. This does not mean that all folks that travel to the island are political voyeurs. There are many well meaning people I know who are making the trip and I am glad that they are going.

As we all know, “people to people” trips are, by and larger, truly dressed up vacations. The law was never intended to be used in this way, however, that has not stopped the Obama Administration from authorizing these journeys that are nothing more than leisure trips.

Read the letter.

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