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The Real Skinny …

A friend and fellow former Congressional staffer, has started a blog called The Real Skinny.

Harmony is passionate about food, fitness and politics. She has been since the days I met her on Capitol Hill.  To help channel that creative mix, she has started a blog that discusses food issues from a conservative perspective.

The ideological leaning of the food or agra lobby in this town is mixed; however, start talking organic and the political radar goes left, very left. Harmony is changing that and, in the process, discussing an issue that Republicans and conservatives rarely talk about.

The food supply chain is vital component of our country’s survival. We sometimes take it for granted.  As usual with us conservatives, our curious ambivalence on these matters resulted in the left cannibalizing and distorting it. The result? Bad public policy.

Take a look at the Real Skinny. Sign up for the posts. They are good and interesting reads.

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