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War on the Constitution, People of Faith

The Obama Administration’s announcement today being billed as a “contraception compromise” is anything but that. In fact, it will make matters worse.

At Mass yesterday, a retired Bishop from a northeast state that was visiting DC said this entire episode is a political and spiritual “war” (he used the word war several times) that will last for some time. The comments shocked the folks there, but I think he intended it that way

This White House, and the radical left of the Democratic Party, made a conscious decision many moons ago to attack the very foundations of our Republic because it is a threat to their vision of America. Their vision of America puts the government in the driver’s seat, freedom in the trunk.

In the long run, they will fail because the Constitution has withstood more pressure than this; however, it is going to be a protracted battle of wills.

Gird your political loins.

  • Lam

    And wasn’t the mliilon dollar payoffs to get our “hostages” back eerily similar to negotiating with kidnappers? I don’t see any of the Repub candidates being a war hawk with the possible exception of Santorum and yet it was this reputation that Reagan possessed that effectively controlled Iran for a few years back in the 80’s. I’d like to see the candidates talking more about this to see where their heads are and develop their own policies prior to the general elections. Appeasers never understand how to beat the bully cause they either consciously or unconsciously don’t believe they can. I will never believe that about the US of A, and I don’t believe many of Heritage’s readers do either. How can people call Obama the smartest person in any room except an outhouse when he can’t figure out something this simple?

  • Why, every time Obama’s poll rnigats drop? Why, on the same day Eric Holder is called out publicly by Darrell Issa about lying to Congress? Why, in the middle of this “green energy” corruption debacle. Why, on the same day of a Republican debat?. Why now, does this Iranian plot suddenly appear, taking over the news, especially since Obama knew about this so called plot since June? Most important; is this “crisis” real, or is it just more of Obama’s lies and deception to devert and distract away from his failed policies. Do these people in the White House think we are actually that naive or stupid not to recognize who and what Obama is and the tactic he uses?

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