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Virginia Catholic Bishops: We cannot – we will not – comply with this unjust law

If you’re a Catholic, when was the last time you heard a priest say anything political from the pulpit after a Sunday Mass? It is very rare, if ever. To our pleasant surprise, however, we heard a lot more than politics this past Sunday from our area Bishops about federal government efforts to force Catholics do things they do not believe in. It is a call to action unlike any other we’ve heard the Catholic Church make of the faithful in recent times.

Federal regulations now require Catholic institutions to offer things that go against Catholic teachings such as abortions, contraception, and sterilization.  “We cannot – we will not – comply with this unjust law,” said the two Virginia Bishops, Bishop Paul Loverde of Arlington and Bishop Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond in their open letter to the faithful. Frankly, it took Church leaders to say something that no one in the Congress has the political fortitude to say, in just nine words, that ObamaCare must go and, if not, we’re just not going to comply with it.

It is also a lesson to some Catholic Church officials in the United States, you should have never voice support for socialized medicine. The U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops should have never made any political deals with the Obama team, or certain Democrats in the Congress, on universal health care. They tried to have it both ways, and while they did not support final passage, their ambivalence helped advance a measure that, in the end, does harm to the very people the bill is designed to help. Socialized medicine has never worked. Never will. You can read more about the USCCB back and forth, here.

These things only come around once or so in your lifetime. I wish I had never lived to see it.  The federal government is forcing millions of Americans to do something that not only goes against the very core of their belief system, but, violates several basic Constitutional freedoms.There is no need for this to have reached this point. It is Catholic persecution at a whole new and much more sophisticated level. I am first generation American – the son of Cuban political exiles. My family fled communism because of government abuses such as these. And there is no doubt about it, a federal abuse of power this is.

No American, no matter your background, should be forced to do something against their moral will. Moreover, we should not be forced to choosing between breaking the law and making a moral choice. This outcome is the natural result of political leaders of both political parties, for far too long, playing the politics of compromise just because it was politically expedient. They need to step up these next few months and change this untenable situation for millions of Americans. And if they are unable to do so, remind them at the ballot box in November whose the boss.

You can read the Virginia Catholic Conference letter, here.

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