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U.S. Should Take Lead in Space Security

The Washington Time’s Bill Gertz  penned a good piece this morning on outer space security: “New space-arms control initiative draws concern.” You can read it here. Over at The Space Review blog, you can read a good background summary of the matter that details the Obama Administration’s apparent back and forth on the issue.

From this outpost, there should be no issue whatsoever that the U.S. should adopt a space security roadmap designed by U.S. diplomatic, intelligence, and military experts, not the Europeans. EU input? As needed. The Europeans would not even be in outer space but for massive domestic subsidies and U.S. technological support.

While this position may rattle folks that advocate joint exploration of space, a noble endeavor that should be pursued, cooperation has its limits. We know best what is in our national interest, even in the heavens. Let’s hope the Obama team has that focus in mind as it plumbs this issue further.

The only “prime directive” they should concentrate on is what is best for U.S. security — even if that means defensive weapons in outer space.

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