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Cameron, The Day He Put Britain First

The europhiles say the UK is isolated now because the PM Cameron placed UK interests above EU interests. Good riddance.

“The Day He Put Britain First” cheered the mass-selling Daily Mail, after the British prime minister blocked Franco-German attempts to enshrine new budget rules into a modified EU treaty during an all-night summit in Brussels. Mr Cameron?s courage and leadership yesterday show that, while desiring a strong relationship with our EU partners, Britain can still control her own destiny,” it said in an editorial.

Maybe its time for the UK to look to its cousins across the Atlantic and seriously consider forming a US-UK Free Trade Area or other appropriate new economic relationship for the special relationship. For starters.Who knows, if it made economic sense they can someday they can peg their Pound to the Dollar (that may be a bridge too far).

Australia, New Zealand, and others can follow on …

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