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Congressman Ryan Launches New Effort to Recruit Conservatives for Congress

Limited government. Economic freedom. These are the traits that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is seeking from a new generation of Republican leaders to serve in the Congress. And he plans to put a lot more money behind the effort.

According to the The Daily Caller, Ryan has penned a memo for Prosperity PAC supporters saying the time has come to “replace timid Members of Congress with bold conservatives who know what needs to be done.” While this is not the first time we’ve heard this from folks in the beltway, Ryan means it and intends to keep his word. Such an effort is seriously long overdue.

Yleem and I were at the 28th Virginia Republican Party Advance this weekend at the Homestead. We’ve been meaning to go for some time but we always seemed to have a scheduling issue. It was well worth the time. The Virginia GOP is poised to do some great things next year and there is a strong bay of limited government and economic freedom folks at the ready. That effort needs to be replicated in other large states such as Florida and Ohio.

We need people in national office who are not afraid to argue, in public, about changing how we think about the role of government in our lives and economy.  For example, we live in a society where we spend more on preventative care of our cars than we do of our own bodies because we have a health insurance entitlement mindset. Rather than focus on retirement as a goal, we need to focus on financial independence as a way to provide for our families as we age. This means, in part, allowing younger workers to decide how to invest their tax dollars. This, and much more in domestic and foreign policy, needs to change.

I’ve seen the GOP close up for many years, inside and out. If we ever hope to turn the state of ship toward a better future, we need folks in office that are committed to these two basic ideas. And, focusing first on getting elected, they need to remain accountable and focus every breath toward that goal while in office. Talking about some of these political sacred cows is not easy for Republicans. It never will be. In some cases, this could mean just a few terms in office. So be it. When its the future of the country at stake, we need public servants; not career politicians.

You can read more about Rep. Ryan’s Prosperity PAC here.



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