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Republicans and Pledges

In this morning’s edition of Roll Call, Daniel Newhauser penned a good story about the potential political fall out to Republicans for pressing a closed continuing resolution, or CR, to keep the federal government operating through November. For my friends and colleagues outside the beltway, “closed” roughly means that Members of Congress will need to voice their concerns about the proposal before the measure is acted upon on the House floor.

The pledge, of course, is a political, not a legal, document. That means the repercussions of breaking it — or being perceived as doing so — will be political, too, said Jason Poblete, a former Republican staffer who worked alongside Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in the office of McCarthy’s predecessor, Rep. Bill Thomas (R). “The voters will decide when [or] if we broke them,” Poblete said.

The use of political pledges and contracts need to be weighed carefully. Lawmaking and policymaking is never done in a vacuum.

Read the Roll Call article, Closed CR Reignites Criticism.

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