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88 Million Reasons Not to Go to Cuba

To U.S. policy opponents who argue that the government does not prosecute Cuba sanctions violations, ask the folks at JPMorgan Chase Bank. The bank agreed last week to remit $88 million for alleged violations of U.S. economic sanctions regulations – the bulk of which appear to be Cuba related.

Easing sanctions on Cuba is a bad idea. The regime is on its last leg. It’s time for the Obama team, that has used economic sanctions to deal with the Arab Spring, to do the same to support a Cuba Fall.

There are more and more signs that Cuban opposition folks are becoming bolder and more public in making their voices heard that the time has come and gone for the regime to step aside.

There is nothing to see or do in Cuba for Americans, or just about anybody. It is a country in transition. There will be plenty of things to see, do, and say, once the Cuban people re-take control of the government.

To read more about the JPMorgan Chase settlement, follow this link.

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