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The Day DC Shook, Literally

Who would have thought, an earthquake in Washington, DC? Our law firm is two blocks from the White House and folks are outside, calm.

A friend asked me what I thought it was intially. An earthquake was not the first thing that came to mind. And good thing it was not what I thought at first.

The epicenter of the quake is reported to be Mineral, Virginia or Luisa, Virginia. There is at least one nuclear power plant near there. Let’s hope all is well – I’m betting all will be. It’s the Old Dominion, we’re a tough lot.

We are leaving our offices for the afternoon until we are fully apprised of what has happened (our building is over 100 years old).

And what a contrast to the day, not a cloud in the sky. Great weather. I’ll take a political earthquake over this anytime. Now we’ll get ready for Hurricane Irene later in the week.

P.S., if a few rain drops or snow flakes create grid lock in this town, I can only imagine the commute today.

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