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Around Town this Week, Blue State Jell-O

I am not sure what was most amusing event this week, the media coverage of the weather or the debt ceiling talks. I vote for the weather.

The President took to the Blue Goose presidential lectern yesterday, in shock, that the Speaker of the House had “walked away” from the debt ceiling talks. Boehner did not such thing and as far as political theatre goes, Mr. Obama,  it was a dud.

Voters that are paying attention to this back and forth know the White House wants to raise taxes and grow the size of the federal government. Republicans aim to do the opposite. Obama knows that if he wants to be re-elected in 2012, raising taxes is not a bright idea. He needs to find that increasingly elusive happy middle that placates his leftist base but pulls in some independents or moderates. Good luck.

As Speaker Boehner said, dealing with this White House is like dealing with a bowl of Jell-O. The Speaker did not walk out, he left. Why? Because the Democrats are using Chicago-style thug tactics to force moderate Republicans in the conference to cave and accept tax increases. Let’s hope Republicans do not catch a 12th hour case of political jello syndrome and go weak at the knees.

The Democrats control the White House. They control the Senate. They are in the driver’s seat and control a majority of the political branches of government. They can choose to listen to the wisdom from the Republican-controlled House, the body closest to the voters, or they will suffer at the polls in 2012. In the end though, I think Republicans will cave and there are signs as of mid-week that the GOP line is starting to break.

The $14 trillion of federal debt needs cutting. Increases federal spending needs to stop. What is so difficult about this? Politics.  For folks living outside the beltway (i.e., the sane and normal part of the country), the Republicans are winning the political and substantive debate. Ignore the mainstream press.

Enjoy the summer and serve yourselves a cool “red” bowl of Jell-O, or maybe, at the rate this debate is going a red, blue, and cool whip white Jell-O pie.

P.S., since when does the President “demand” anyone to “come back” to the White House? Last we checked, Mr. President, the Speaker of the House is the third in line in presidential succession. Speaker Boehner can leave the White House whenever he wants. Speaker Boehner can refuse to answer your phone calls. Speaker Boehner has better things to do than be browbeat by the White House.

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