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Miami Landmark Turns 40

If you’re ever in Miami, Florida and want good Cuban food, be sure to place Versailles on your list of must-visit South Florida landmarks. There are local foodies that will not step in there; however, I have never outgrown the place.

President George W. Bush at Versailles.

I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area since the 1990s, but frequently visit South Florida. Whether at the airport locations or in Little Havana, our first stop involves a shot of Cuban espresso (sorry Starbucks) from Versailles. Shots are now .75 cents and stronger than anything you’ve ever had in any U.S. coffee house.

As usual, the never neutral Miami Herald manages an editorial barb in its story this morning: “This is where exiles gather to plot against and to topple Fidel Castro (at least with words), or so the urban legend goes.” If only that were true. Maybe it is. The Herald will never know.

Some day, when Cuba is free, these folks will likely open a place in Havana. And while those of us who can will visit, the Miami location will always be our favorite. The right doses of politics, good food, and strong rich coffee.



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