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Cost of Business with Rogue Regimes, Sanctions Work

Even though most U.S.-Libya economic sanctions had been eased when the events detailed in this Wall Street Journal article took place, it is a good example of why doing business with rogue regimes can be a gamble.  Read “Libya’s Goldman Dalliance Ends in Losses, Acrimony,” here.

Snippets such as these also serve as a reminder that Syria sanctions were eased prematurely in 2009.  The Syrian regime was not ready then, and they are most certainly is not ready now to interact with the U.S. at these basic commercial levels.

Unilateral easing of U.S. sanctions toward state sponsors of terrorism as well as rogue regimes should not come easy, as in the case of Syria.

If you’re having trouble accessing the Wall Street Journal article (it’s subscription based), here is a similar piece from Fox News.

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