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  • A UK defense contractor fined $79 million for violating US military weapons trafficking laws. More on this item later today. Will try to make some sense of it for folks that do not follow this issue, Lord of War movie style.
  • Michelle Malkin pens on the Obama Administration’s waiver mania.
  • The POLITICO reports that GOP is not buying the debt ceiling limit pitch. One can only hope this holds.
  • The Miami Herald posted a piece today stating that the regime in Cuba says it will allow Cubans to hire non-relatives. Thing is, private property right remains illegal. Until they fix that, none of these recent measures to fix the economy will work. The Castro brothers, and their supporters in the Party, need to go.
  • Talking about Cuba, a former political prisoner ended a 47-day hunger strike in Cuba to protest the regime’s treatment of a U.S. citizen, and USAID contractor, Alan Gross.
  • If political opposition keep leaving Venezuela, we’ll never rid the Americas of the Hugo Chavez regime. The Obama Administration’s Western Hemisphere policy has been, at best, non-existent. Supporting those that advance freedom is just as important in the Americas, some would argue more so, as it is in the Middle East.
  • Another glitterati member, and fool, dons Che Guevara attire.
  • Soros-linked group behind rants on House Speaker John Boehner’s Catholicism.
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