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Depressed Elite Republicans, Gird Your Loins

There is an article in the POLITICO newspaper this morning that is worth a read, “GOP elite see Mitch Daniels as 2012 savior.” The article is available here.

If even half of the quotes sourced to GOP insiders are true, this piece shows how most of the Republicans who live in this area are out of touch with the rest of America. Respectfully, some of these people need some political Prozac:

“Despairing Republican lobbyists say their colleagues don’t ask, “Who do you like?” but instead, “Who do we back?” “It’s not that they’re up in arms,” said a central player in the GOP money machine. “It’s just that they’re depressed.”

Depressed?  “People are worried we don’t have the right elements on the field,” another the campaign veteran said. Worried? I wish I knew who these Republicans happen to be.

The GOP does not need a savior (remember, we already have one of those in the White House), it needs a leader. President Obama is beatable in 2012 and it may not be easy, but it never is when dealing with an incumbent President.

This article could be about something else, positioning. Republicans have no one to rally around yet so they are playing this public relations battle to seal beltway supporters for one candidate or the other. Why? Jobs in a future Republican Administration, for starters.

Much of what happens in these parts does not really matter one iota, at least not as much as what happens in the rest of the country where folks a little more attuned to reality will make the decision who should be the Republican standard bearer.

For now, beltway Republicans, gird your loins and find your political spines. The primary process is never an easy one, this one will be no different.



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