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Cuba Political Repression Hotline

A mysterious “Miami Man” has set-up a repression hotline for political opposition and dissidents in Cuba.  According to Juan Tamayo of The Miami Herald:

“Cubans can now call a U.S. phone number and file a verbal report. Within minutes, the voice recording will be posted on the blog Hablalo Sin Miedo — Say it Without Fear — and will generate a Tweet linking back to the post.”

Interestingly, all we know about the fellow who set this up is that he graduated from Florida International University and has never been involved in U.S-Cuba politics. Miami Man has asked to remain anonymous because he has a new job and does not want the blog to interfere with his livelihood.

The hotline is a great idea; however, if he wants to raise more money, potential donors may want to know who this person is. The news story may help that effort, but more third-party support may be needed if people are going to part with their money.

Anonymity in Miami, especially when it comes to supporting anti-Castro efforts, is not really necessary. Or maybe I have been gone too long and, sadly, this is what has to be done these days in order not to create atmospherics.

Read the Miami Herald article, here.

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