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Guest Dispatch: The federal government is becoming a bookie

By Guillermo Vallejo

So I was on my morning commute to work when I stumbled upon a quote within the pages of Express, The Washington Post’s condensed newspaper aimed at commuters.  They published the results of a question posed to readers.  The question asked the reader whether they agreed with the CDC’s latest assessment that smoking would be banned in all 50 states by 2020. In the interest of full disclosure, it would be wise to say that I am a smoker.

Seinfeld's "bookie" Mike, as is the federal government at times, can be all thumbs...

Obviously, my views on the subject are pretty transparent.  A couple of comments from readers were printed alongside the poll results, which were 53% disagreeing with the CDC’s assessment and 47% agreeing.  The last comment almost made me jump out of my metro seat.  Apparently this modern day Publius ended his comments by saying, “The government has the responsibility and the legal means to keep you safe, even if it is from yourself.”

There you have it folks.  This quote encapsulates the progressive mindset and consequently why this country is overtaxed, bloated and just plain mismanaged.  Let me start by saying that yes, the government does have the means to keep us safe and the responsibility to do so.  The federal government has the constitutionally mandated duty to “insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare…” .

The question is whether that includes protecting people from themselves?  I think not.

For the past forty years the American people have been led to believe that the federal government has the solution to all their problems.  Can’t get a job?  Call Uncle Sam.  Your company went belly up and you need some cash?  Call Uncle Sam.  I bet, pretty soon they’ll have us call Uncle Sam if we wake up with a hangnail. Ok, maybe in that instance I might take him up on the offer, although I’ll probably end up in a waiting list behind someone with what can only described as a superficial laceration of the digital region (paper cut).  No thanks.

Seriously though, liberals cannot stand that you might be able to decide things on your own.  Heaven forbid you make a mistake.  You can’t be ruining their well laid plans to turn this country into a utopia. Everything this administration has done has been with the intention of robbing Americans of autonomy.  Whether it is the stimulus, Obamacare, the bailouts, the debt.  It’s all about control.  You have it.  They want it.

The federal government is becoming a bookie and its coming to collect on a wager we were duped into making.  It’s one thing for the government to protect us from legitimate harm.  It’s quite another to control our actions when they affect no one else.  Living in DC desensitizes you to the enormity of federal encroachment on the individual.

I live in the city that had to be told by the Supreme Court that it couldn’t violate Second Amendment rights.  I don’t know about you, but I covered the Second Amendment in my junior year civics class.  Maybe the DC City Council needs a refresher course in basic constitutional protections. We have truly become a leviathan.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be lighting one up today in protest.  It may be unhealthy and unwise to do, but being a fool is not a crime.  Not yet anyway.

Guillermo Vallejo works on Capitol Hill for a Florida Member of Congress. He is originally from Miami, Florida and is in the process of completing his Master’s degree.

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