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MSNBC: The iPhone is Racist

Reading the Daily Caller on my “racist” Apple device this morning, I noted this MSNBC gem: “Minorities Hit Hardest by iPhone Tracking Technology”. And they wonder why their ratings are in the tanks?

As an American Republican of Cuban ancestry, card carrying member of the National Rifle Association and the Federalist Society, I guess I should be worried. Big Apple Brother is coming to get me because of my racial background.

The Daily Caller says it is “Victim politics meets Big Brother-style technology, who would have thunk it?”. Yet, in reality, this balkanization of American politics is done by both political parties, as well as the media, and needs to stop.

Balkanization examples: Fox News Latino. CNN Español. Univision. Telemundo. Even the Heritage Foundation and CATO have joined this bandwagon with Heritage Libertad and El CATO. The DNC and the RNC have done the same. To the extent these and other entities are using it to build programs in Latin America, so be it; however, generally speaking it is targeting U.S. audiences.

The result of hyphenated politics and news media coverage will be more stories such as the one on MSNBC. The iPhone tracking data alone would have made a good story. They mucked it up.

As I said earlier, want to end racial problems, stop focusing on what makes people different or injecting racial poison in our national debates.


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