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The UN’s Ongoing War on Israel

Over at the Legal Insurrection blog, Cornell School of Law Professor Jacobson penned an item that reminds us all of the lunacy that is the United Nations Human Rights Council:

Yemen government forces have cracked down leading to many deaths.  Iran routinely decimates opposition protesters. So what is the U.N. Human Rights Council going to do about it?  If the Islamic Conference at the U.N. has its way, it will investigate … Israel.

The UN could also take a look at a planned, but foiled, attack by Indonesian Radical Islamists on Good Friday services. Or, back in Africa, attacks by Radical Islamists on Nigerian Christians. Why? They were upset that Goodluck Johnson, a Christian won the recent presidential election. Meanwhile, back in the “new” Egypt, Coptic Christians are under threat of attacks.

For the 2012 federal budget cycle, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives should defund the UNHRC once and for all. Anti-Semtic. Anti-Chrisitian. Anti-American. No U.S. money for you.

Read Professor Jacobson’s post, here.

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