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Nothing to fear from the Donald, the 2012 Monty Brewster

He’s in, he’s not. No matter. If Donald Trump runs for President as a Republican it will be good entertainment for the Party. It will also keep establishment politicos off balance and will force serious candidates, as well as Congressional Republicans, to sharpen their dull messaging.

Trump reminds me of Monty Brewster played by Richard Pryor in the 1980s movie, Brewster’s Millions. He is the “None of the Above” candidate (if you’ve seen the movie you know what I mean). I do not think that is what Trump and his team set out to do, but that is the effect that a potential candidacy is having on the GOP.

It is too early in the primary process to know who will pull out as the lead GOP challenger. But that is not stopping the liberal media from bludgeoning the field, getting it ready for the man, Barack Obama. Good luck. They are going to need it this go around as it will not be an easy run this time for the Democrats.

For now, Trump’s antics are a good foil for Republican presidential candidates. The base does not like what it sees, and after the 2010 elections, it is going to hold candidate’s feet to the fire a little longer than usual. Ann Coulter thinks Trump is a clown. Who knows, we now have a professional comedian in the Senate, why not an eccentric billionaire in the White House? Or, as the folks over at Red State said recently on this subject, “the American electorate doesn’t know what it wants.  It’s all up for grabs.”

And while on the subject of comedians, Seinfeld, get a spine. You’ve become really lame lately. As has this whole “Birtherism” debate, a process that, if you closely follow politics in this country, started in the Democratic Party in 2008 (as this POLITICO piece reminds folks).

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