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Chattering and Political Class in Japan Meltdown

Is it just me or is the media and some politicians in this town in nuclear overdrive? Barely a few days in to one of the worst natural disasters in Japan’s history and what seems to be important is peppering audiences with sensationalist headlines with words such as explosions, meltdown, radiation, etc. Forget about rescue efforts or the human side of the story, let’s just make politics of the suffering.

When managed properly, as Japan has, nuclear energy is safe, clean, and highly efficient. Based on published reports that have focused on the science, the reactors in Japan were built to spec. A massive earthquake, followed by a cataclysmic tsunami, was apparently more that these man-made structures could withstand in one day. Go figure.For those with access Japan’s NHK television, you’ll notice a marked difference in reporting. The people closest to the problem do not seem to be panicking, but carrying on as best they can. Government officials are calm, focused on resolving the many challenges Japan will face for years to come. I wish U.S. reporters and politicians spent less time with the chicken little mindset, and more on educating consumers and constituents about what is really going on in Japan.

The true meltdown is right here in Washington, DC. The anti-nuclear left has wasted no time in piling on about the dangers of nuclear power. Most of the establishment media has amplified the anti-nuclear message through, at times, downright shrill reporting (code words such as Hiroshima are already in use).

There will be plenty of time in the future to Monday quarterback this matter. Now is time to help a good ally of the U.S. that is hurting.

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