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Cuba and the Wikileaksters

It was a matter of time that folks who oppose would begin using Wikileak cables to discredit U.S. policy toward Cuba, specifically, Cuba’s well-earned slot as a state sponsor of terrorism.  I am surprised it took them as long as it did, but it has begun no less. One former Senate staffer, a long-time advocate of easing U.S. trade sanctions on Cuba penned an item this morning:

“That’s not to say Cuba comes out squeaky clean – what country does? But this cable puts the U.S. government on the record, finally, on what the real threat from Cuba is. And that will make next year’s terrorism list report, due out April 30th, all the more useless.”

Posting, re-posting, and so on and so forth may be a criminal act (that is why I am not going to link to this person’s post, but you can read her bio here). Commonsense dictates that people not do it. But, in the age of electronic (and emotional) incontinence, commonsense has gone out the door.

With regards to Cuba’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, the statutes provide clear guidelines. If folks took time to do a complete analysis of the law, no change is warranted. In fact, data received from Colombia and other allies in the region bolster a designation of not just Cuba, but likely others in the region.

Ask Spain what they think of Cuba harboring and supporting ETA terrorists or Colombia, the FARC. Or ask the family of the late New Jersey trooper Werner Foerster, gunned down by a member of the Black Liberation Army in 1973.  The shooter is still residing in Cuba. There are many more examples, including Cuban ties to the Iranian mullahs, and other terrorist entities.

If advocates on easing Cuban sanctions just want to sell food and other goodies to Cuba, be frank and say so. The law lets them do that. But do not mix U.S. national security matters with such things as the failed farm subsidy program. No amount of selling to Cuba – or any state sponsor of terror for that matter – will ever make up for that shortfall.

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