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Fidel Castro, Coward

In this video, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro waxes with Community Party youth members about his recent illness.  At one point, he says that maybe he may have been in power too long.  Ever since his close brush with death – not close enough – the Cuban Communist Party has been trying to rehabilitate Fidel.  Images of an old, ailing man mentoring college students have popped up every now and then.  On cue folks, you’re supposed to feel sorry for him.

I have always thought that one of the primary reasons that the Cuban regime fears closer relations with the United States is what will happen to the war criminals that have run the island for so many years.  What to do with them is up to the Cuban people and future leaders of the island.  Hint:  the Hague has a few cold, gray cells waiting for them.

People like Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, and a choice group of leaders that surround them, are at their core, cowards.  They know the crimes they have committed and do not want to be punished for them.  The solution?  Run out the clock.  They have now turned Cuba into a nursing home for fugitives from U.S. law – cop killers – and human rights abusers and war criminals like the Castros and his cadre.

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