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An (Unfunded) Export Control Referee

While on a trip in Asia, President Obama issued an Executive Order creating a Federal Export Enforcement Coordination Center (FEECC) that “subject to the availability of appropriations” will serve as an export control enforcement referee among numerous federal agencies.

The Obama Administration had a unique opportunity to streamline licensing and enforcement of export control processes.  Yet, they announced a half-baked fusion center with a nebulous “coordination mission”. In addition, they parked at the one federal agency with the least statutory authorities in this area.

The Congress needs to weigh in with money and legal authorities for most of these changes. One interesting option could be empowering the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) to serve in the capacity of a FEEC.  This can likely be done without new appropriations or moving too much personnel around from the other agencies.

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