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Raul Castro’s Alternative Reality

Raul Castro says that the single authorize labor union in Cuba – a wing of the Communist Party – needs to reform or they will head off a cliff.  Here are his exact words; note the he still clings to the revolution rhetoric:

“To defend and explain these measures, the working class must learn and be convinced of their importance for the survival of the revolution … otherwise we will fall off the cliff.”

Where has he been?  The Cuban regime has been in free fall for years.   There is no reforming within the Cuban Communist Party.  Its leaders are incapable of doing so.  Add to that Cuba’s proximity to the United States, there is also no China model transition either (this is the latest canard opponents of U.S. policy have preached in DC).

They are long past reform; they need to step aside and allow a new generation of leaders take the helm.  It bears reminding that unless the Congress amends the statute, Fidel and Raul Castro cannot form part of a transition government, among many other things (See Sec. 205 of the Cuban Liberty and Solidarity Act).

The one silver lining in comments such as these is that opponents of U.S. policy are being proved wrong, supporters right.  Economic sanctions have worked, and if they were enforced as Congress intended, would precipitate an even faster transition to freedom.

More about his Castro’s free falling comments, here.

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