Argentina Goes Nuclear

That Argentina would re-launch its nuclear program should come as no surprise.  What do you expect when megalomaniac Hugo Chavez announces he will start a nuclear program with the help of Russia and Iran?

According to AFP, Argentine President Christina Kirchner said yesterday that they would re-start old uranium enrichment facilities. Kirchner, a Chavez ally, said that their intents are for “peaceful uses”.

For now, might as well give them the benefit of the doubt, everyone in Washington, DC seems to be doing so.  In reality though, it is one more issue that has fallen by the policy wayside in the region during the past decade.

With recent reports that Brazil may be exploring a nuclear weapons program (this has been rumored for decades, with little hard evidence), Venezuela, now Argentina, is the region edging toward some form of nuclear race?  Note: uranium mining is big business in Bolivia and Ecuador – also members of the Bolivarian Axis along with Brazil and Venzuela.

Hopefully the U.S. foreign policy establishment’s curious ambivalence toward the region will give way to realist thinking that thee countries going nuclear is a bad idea.  And, factoring in the Iran-Venezuela variable, it is not rocket science.

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