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  • Canada Updates Export Controls on Cryptographic Items. On October 19, 2010, the Export Controls Division of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (ECD) updated its policies with regards to the export of security goods, software, and technology.  Among other things, companies applying for a multi-destination permit must now affirmatively state in the cover letter to ECD that the exporter has implemented an export control compliance plan.
  • Here is the latest, weekly dose of propaganda news from India that the U.S. will, certainly, going to, must, may … release export controls for high tech products to India.
  • The Falun Gong-owned Epoch Times reports this week on the smuggling of rare Earth minerals from China.  Meanwhile, one author argues that China has “lowered the hammer” on the United States with regards to these precious commodities.  WTO complaint on the way?
  • The global war against private property rights continues …  U.S. Government Warns Investors, St. Kitts & Nevis Government Quick on the Property Eminent Domain Trigger.   The State Department again this week warned Americans investing in this tiny island nation that “the government has often not paid compensation for private property expropriated under its eminent domain laws. Currently the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown is aware of five separate cases involving the seizure of private land by the government.”  One case has been in legal limbo since 1987.
  • Meanwhile, back in Caracas, the labor unions are urging Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez to keep the expropriation gravy train moving, fast.  A UK company, the Vestey Group, is reported to be in talks with the Chavez government related to settling a recent taking of property including thousands of heads of cattle.
  • Also in Venezuela this week, the government is considering a new law that would allow Chavez to bypass the mostly puppet legislature when expropriating private property owned by energy companies.  Every week, the Venezuelan government continues to legally expose itself in the United States.  Looking forward to the day when a U.S. company hales these people to federal court or pressures Congress and the Obama Administration to freeze Venezuelan government assets in the United States to start putting a stop to Venezuelan pressure games.
  • So much for nuclear non-proliferation in the Western Hemisphere, and it is Venezuela again in the news. This week the Obama Administration was mostly mum about Russia’s decision to help megalomaniac Hugo Chavez becoming the next Mr. Monty Burns (Hint: think of The Simpsons) in Venezuela.
  • Is someone at Foggy Bottom considering targeted economic sanctions on Venezuelan officials for nuclear proliferation, support of terrorism, and violation of private property rights of U.S. persons?
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