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Off Topic, Rick Sanchez’s America

Unfortunately, most of America now knows Rick Sanchez – the former anchor of yet another failed CNN show called “Rick’s List”.  Sanchez made a series of comments during a Sirius satellite radio interview that cost him his job from CNN.  Some of his more idiotic gems included:

It’s not just the right that does this. Cause I’ve known a lot of elite Northeast establishment liberals that may not use this as a business model but deep down when they look at a guy like me they look at a– they see a guy automatically who belongs in the second tier and not the top tier.

White folks usually don’t see it. But we do – those of us who are minorities and women see it sometimes too from men in authority.

White folks? Northeast establishment liberals?  A guy like me?  It is not just the right?!

My entire family came from Cuba, fleeing the Communists. Born in the states, I was raised American. There are hundreds of thousands with similar experiences. First generation Americans, we were taught to be proud of our ancestral background but to never lose sight that we were first and foremost, Americans. It was apple pie stuff.  Work hard and do well.  You had no one to blame, but yourself, when things go wrong.

This is where Rick Sanchez and others like him, I think strayed and seem confused. At least in our home, there was none of that liberal gobbledygook of multiculturalism that has poisoned America with charged and balkanizing terms such as “Latino,” “Hispanic,” and, the always divisive “hyphen” (i.e., CubanAmerican, AfricanAmerican, etc.). If your worldview is to look at people as members of ethnic enclaves, not part of one American society and culture, you start to looking for boogeymen when things go wrong.

In this case, Sanchez was looking for a scapegoat for his failings to sell a book. It flopped, badly. He was on a network with poor ratings, on a show with even worse rankings. He was looking for his boogeyman and found it. CNN called his bluff. Good for them, but it is too little to late. Racist and bigoted people will always prowl this earth. And in the United States, the more individuals, corporations, the media, and political parties keep spreading the Gospel of Multiculturalism, the more acute the problem will become. Sanchez and CNN are its latest victims. Sanchez (and CNN) need to find some spine.

Despite his complaints, this gaffe is not a career ender for Sanchez. He can always find a home at CNN Español or NBC Telemundo, where anti-Americanism, anti-Republicanism, and anti-conservatism are practiced full-time by many anchors and reporters right on the air.  On this topic, I will leave for another day for there is a lot to be said about it, including how both political parties kowtow to these networks even though there is no politically practical, or economic reason to do so.

Rick Sanchez’s and CNN’s America. A lonely place.

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