A Colombian “Witch” Trial

That I know of, witchcraft is not a crime in Colombia, but this is not about hexing or potions.

An international arms smuggler needs to concern him or herself with numerous things, the most important of which is not getting caught.

A disinterested middleman, false paperwork, no paperwork, or untraceable funds come to mind. But if you are in Latin America, it seems that a hex or two, maybe a seance, are in order.

According to Colombian prosecutors in order to ensure an orderly and glitch-free transaction, leaders of the Colombian terrorist group FARC have been consulting with an unlikely source, a witch.

Colombian prosecutors have been investigating the recent death of eight police officers over a span of two weeks. The weapons used in the attacks included heavy military equipment and munitions. The operation netted grenades, night vision goggles, as well as a state-of-the-art mine detector.

When the arrests warrants were executed last week, authorities took into custody several retired military officials as well as active duty police officers.  Then came ‘la brujaor witch. Prosecutor Marilú Méndez said during a press conference that the FARC would consult a witch every time that they were going to transport or sell weapons.

If it goes to trial, will make for interesting theatre.  Seems like there is no “witch” exception under Colombian law so the bruja will face weapon smuggling charges.

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