Around Town …

  • National security experts discuss how radical Muslims may be using Shari’ah to subvert U.S. law and interests.
  • The Tech Apps Group blog most recent post, “Lessons Learned from Blackwater,” is worth a read.  “Like a broken record, I’m always saying that you had better get expert help in order to ensure you are following the export regulations; otherwise you could face substantial fines and jail time,” pens the anonymous author.  Indeed.
  • Greg Grant at the DefenseTech blog pens, “Why does Saudi Arabia need $90 billion in [U.S.] weapons?”.  Grant raises some good points and there are many others including the core issue of diversion of U.S. technology to foes. Next week, a government report will answer some of these very questions.  Stay tuned.
  • Republican Party elites should stop whining.  Follow the advice of Senate GOP Leader McConnell on O’Donnell that, if she wins the primary, he would support her.  Or, as one writer on the Red State blog pens:  electing GOP moderates to the Senate to secure a majority for the Republicans is a self-defeating proposition.
  • Another take on why Iran sanctions should stay. That is, assuming, that you believe there are tough sanctions to being with. Most of the country-based sanctions programs are like a pasta strainer, full of loopholes.
  • Castro drops a bombshell, journalist drops the ball pens Mike Rodriguez from the Heritage Foundation.  I was at a dinner yesterday evening in Georgetown where that same journalist kept dropping things, more than balls.  The pro-Castro lobby in this town, always enraptured with the bearded one.  Mike, be sure he receives a copy of your op-ed.
  • Brazil goes European for weapon systems.
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