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Miami Vice and The Godfather All in One … Hialeah Style

As a former Miamian, the following article would be funny, fodder even for a Dave Barry parody, if it were not so serious.  For my relatives and friends in Miami who sent me the story, you’ll appreciate this post a little more than most. My friends in the DC area, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

According to court records, a Palestinian national and a Cuban national concocted a harebrained to scheme traffic in weapons for terrorists in the Middle East. And what a racket they had going.  From the factory city of Hialeah, to the plush business center of Coral Gables, then north to Ft. Lauderdale, these fellows sure seem to have friends and “conexiones” (connections in Spanish) all over the area.

Their mission? Export to the West Bank firearms, grenades, silencers and handmade bombs that could be detonated with a cell phone.  They had some odd web of “conexiones” and they had to deal with an intermediary’s son because “no one sees the father”.  There is a lot more fun reading in the complaint – you can read it here. In the process, they have violated a few federal laws including support for terrorists, arms trafficking, and export controls, just to name a few.

Rep. Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina) has been pressing the Obama Administration on security at the U.S.-Mexico border and how Hezbollah may be using it as a means to access the United States.  While she is at it, she should add South Florida to her list of inquiries.

Read the Miami Herald story here.

P.S., to my family and friends in Hialeah, thank you for being good sports.

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