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New Blog: Lawfare, Hard National Security Choices

If national security law interests you, there is a new blog that is worth a look.  It may even make a good addition to your blogroll: Lawfare, Hard National Security Choices.

Blog scribes Ben Wittes, Jack Goldsmith, and Robert Chesney penned in the opening post:

The name Lawfare refers both to the use of law as a weapon of conflict and, perhaps more importantly, to the depressing reality that America remains at war with itself over the law governing its warfare with others. This latter sense of the word—which is admittedly not its normal usage—binds together a great deal of our work over the years. It is our hope to provide an ongoing commentary on America’s lawfare, even as we participate in many of its skirmishes.

We may not agree always on substance, but the site is entertaining and informative and, besides, it is not a lot of fun to always exchange ideas with people you tend to agree with.  Be sure to pay them a visit.

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