Around Town …

  • The Arms Control Wonk took strong exception with statements made by former career FSO Nicholas Burns that the five permanent members of the Security Council won World War II and wrote the Nonproliferation Treaty.
  • Electronic goodies “Made in the USA” destined for Syria.
  • The Bureau of Industry and Security issues a final rule making a technical amendment to the Export Administration Regulations deleting references in the regulations concerning federal court jurisdiction for judicial review of final decisions and orders.
  • On the heels of migration talks with the Obama Administration, the Castro regime makes the perfunctory release of a political prisoner.  Take a look at the before and after photos to see what seven (7) years in political prison does to someone.  Why would any U.S. or foreign company seriously consider doing business with these politically prehistoric troglodytes?
  • About a week ago the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control hosted a roundtable on Iran sanctions:  “Iran Sanctions, What Would Work?”
  • Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) had some troubles with the Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for violations of the Sudan sanctions.  The Export Law Blog details the matter that resulted in a fine.
  • Over at the Western Sahara Research Watch, the group takes issue with a recent Russia/Morocco fisheries agreement granting Russia fishing rights off the coast of Western Sahara.  Without consulting the people of a territory recognized by the UN, natural resource activity in such an area is illegal.
  • Res Communis posted an item related to FAA pressure to open U.S. skies to drones.
  • New Iran sanctions?  Sony does not seem concerned.
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