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No Surprise, Iran Sanctions Conference Report Delayed

If things had gone as announced a few weeks ago, we would be writing about the details of the House-Senate Conference Report on Iran Sanctions; however, the process has stalled.  According to a statement released by the Senate and House conferees yesterday, it is going to be a few more weeks before the bill is completed.

“Until the five permanent members of the Council reached agreement on the draft resolution, we were skeptical about the prospects for near-term action on Iran sanctions at the United Nations, and our intent had been to pass the final version of our Iran sanctions legislation, H.R. 2194, by the end of May … We will use the coming weeks to ensure that our legislation is crafted to complement and augment those other actions as effectively as possible.  We remain fully committed to passing a package of tough U.S. sanctions in the latter half of June, and after consultations with Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Majority Leader Hoyer, we expect that our legislation will be taken up and passed by both bodies in that time frame.”

The delay should come as no surprise. Public policy is a creature of circumstances and opportunities. And in the case of Iran and related national security matters, unfortunately it has become the norm.

Read the complete statement, here.

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